Green and purple bedroom ideas for relaxation

So you’ve selected a major or the wall color of the bedroom. When you select a main color, the hardest part is over! You may be asking yourself, “What now?” The following steps are to bring new or more colors to create a winning combination. It sounds pretty simple, does not it? Well, it may be, but when it comes to a wonderful world of color is rich in scientific and psychological options to consider. Keeping in line with our “relaxing” Green and purple bedroom ideas, we keep things simple and to explore the idea of using the basic color supplement.

What is the color supplement?

Technically speaking, complementary color is the opposite color wheel. One of the great things about supplements is that they allow even a small bright colors when the couple. Most importantly, allows the use of supplements you can introduce more color while maintaining a sense of harmony. We all agree that the bedroom is definitely a place where harmony is of utmost importance.

Some common examples of complementary colors pairings are red and green, purple and yellow and blue and orange, Lime Green & Magenta & finally Teal & red-orange. Please note that this is the basic color of the “family” complement, but when you have the paint store or use the online-Color tool you have many options to consider, and the intensity of the tone.

Green and purple bedroom ideas 2012Advantages of using complementary colors relaxing Green and purple bedroom ideas:

* When paired together, they balance each other to add a calming effect on mode.
* If you started one of the least favorite colors, the opposite color that you like, in the end a positive effect on mood.
* Supplements may also spark some interesting situations without being too overwhelming which is good to create relaxation and romance.

Green and purple bedroom ideas for relaxation decorIf you are familiar with my discussions, now you know a little and some of the direction of the Green and purple bedroom ideas, select the color and then apply the color to combine the basic supplements. You are well on your way. To make it easier to select one of the color buttons on the rejected such proposals in the above proof of a combination of a relaxing bedroom retreat. If you choose a neutral tone wall colors such as gray, brown, tan, etc, using two complementary accents such as the above would be a beautiful combination of too much. We will cover the color balance and accessorizing tips in the following article. One last tip to pull the bedroom together!

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