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Did you know that there is an artists there, creating tree Wall shelves? These wall shelf works of art constructed of the finest wood, hand-carved and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Ranging from several thousand dollars, these shelves are not for the budget minded. If you look on the internet you can find these art shelving in the Wood wall shelves.

If you’re more like me, you do not need to spend $ 8,000.00 is hand carved wood wall shelf about 35 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

So I want to show you what is available to you at prices that are much more down to earth, as they say …

I’m going to start with what is called the Box Collection. Here are 3 box shaped wall shelves. A small box shelf is 6.125 “HX 6.125″ WX 5.625 “d. Medium box shelf is 6.125″ HX 14 “WX 5.625″ d. Large box shelf is 6.125 “HX 18″ WX 5.625 “d. Such a box on the wall shelves are mounted on the wall in a pattern selection. Closing of the Natural, White, black cherry, black, chocolate, honey, and mahogany. These shelves look really good on smaller walls.

Next, I would like to describe to you what is called a Display Bars. These particular screen edges are constructed of high-quality birch. In order to ensure the items are tongues, each tongue is raised outer edge. These shelves are very beautiful and will bring style and function in virtually any room of your house. These racks are of different lengths, including 2, 3, 4, and 5-foot. They are all 1.5 “H x 2.5″ D. The honey colored finish that is sure to be the most improvement interior.

Wood wall shelves ideasSo now let’s go take a look at the four-level floating Wood wall shelves. This shelf will truly make an artful statement at home. This wall shelf is made of northern hardwoods. This modern, simple design more space-saving convenience and add to the beauty and comfort of the room. Adjustable floating shelves make the east to fit photos, books or Knic knacs. This wall shelf is available in an incomplete or completed Natural, Walnut, white, dark cherry, black, chocolate, honey, and mahogany.

Wood wall shelves darkI will now describe to you Classic Wall Shelf Kit (2 pc). These 2 Wood wall shelves add style and you will benefit from the new storage space. Each shelf has two support corbels. Made of solid pine, this durable shelf system will give you years of dependable power. Beautifully crafted with machined edges and rich, gorgeous golden oak finish, classic design to improve the atmosphere of any room in which they hang shelves. The set includes 2 shelves of different lengths. (One of the 8 “x 24″ shelf and one 8 “x 36″ shelf)

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